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Hey guys! Now that things are rolling with the government, I'm working again ^(n_n^) So here's an update on what's to come:

1. My Fairly OddChild! - I've got 90% of the characters done, and now I'm just sketching backgrounds, like the school, classroom, neighborhood,  playground, Alfred's home/room, etc. I won't focus too much on this, that way I can have some of the character intros posted by the end of this week c: 

2. Previous fanfic ideas have been scratched off my list. Too much time has passed since I last thought of them, and the motivation isn't there anymore. Maybe one day in the future I'll have more time to dedicate myself to a story ((*cough* I do have one that's very persistent in my head, but maybe I'll just draw out the idea and hope someone else writes it lol)).

3. Other crossovers - I've got some pretty funny sketches waiting to be drawn on photoshop. Those will come after I get 'My Fairly OddChild!' rolling. 

4. Tumblr - I've been on this site more than facebook and dA combined. I think I'm addicted (._.') Feel free to ask questions here (I'll most likely answer it faster), and as I mentioned before, I'll be posting sketches, finished illustrations and RusAme fanart on there (( Currently working on my Halloween themed background~ ((I've already got the creepy music playing lol))

Happy October! If you guys are celebrating Halloween, make sure you watch out for creepers and have your candy checked ((yes, I still go out for's free. Free.)) I've got my costume ready, I just need to buy the makeup and wig xD My friends and I already went to a haunted house, and it was AWESOME. I may have screamed like a little girl, but the experience was just... :iconso-awesomeplz: Well, until next time...



United States

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Happy Birthday~!
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NanaFay Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2013
Oh gosh, it's nothing compared to your fab work :'D Thank you, actually I'm more familiar with Photoshop, so I used that to draw these (I'm picky when it comes to neatness, so I tend to use the pen tool after I sketch my work). I really should practice with Illustrator (n_n')
bluupanda Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ah you're so nice!! QWQ pft thats awesome!! i use photoshop too!! dude so impressed u could get your lines that neat n smooth in there! *p* 
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